Welcome to django-autocomplete-light’s documentation!

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django-autocomplete-light’s purpose is to enable autocompletes quickly and properly in a django project: it is the fruit of years of R&D. It was designed for Django so that every part overridable or reusable independently. It is stable, tested, documented and fully supported: it tries to be a good neighbour in Django ecosystem.


Features include:

  • charfield, foreign key, many to many autocomplete widgets,
  • generic foreign key, generic many to many autocomplete widgets,
  • django template engine support for autocompletes, enabling you to include images etc ...
  • 100% overridable HTML, CSS, Python and Javascript: there is no variable hidden far down in the scope anywhere.
  • add-another popup supported outside the admin too.
  • keyboard is supported with enter, tab and arrows by default.
  • Django 1.8, Python3 support

Each feature has a live example and is fully documented. It is also designed and documented so that you create your own awesome features too.

Upgrade from 1.x.x

To upgrade to v2, please enjoy the v1 to v2 upgrade instructions (documented with love !).

  • the Autocomplete class design hasn’t changed at all.
  • yourlabsWidget() doesn’t parses data-* options the same,
  • the django/form python code has been re-organised ie. get_widgets_dict() is gone and autocomplete_light.ModelForm wraps around all features by default.
  • use autocomplete_light.ModelForm instead of autocomplete_light.GenericModelForm - generic foreign keys and django-generic-m2m are supported by default if installed.


You can run test projects for a local demo in a temporary virtualenv.


Using just the concepts you’ve learned in the reference, here are some of the things you can do.

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