Source code for dal.widgets

"""Autocomplete widgets bases."""

import copy

from django import VERSION
from django import forms
from django.core.urlresolvers import reverse
from django.utils import six

[docs]class WidgetMixin(object): """Base mixin for autocomplete widgets. .. py:attribute:: url Absolute URL to the autocomplete view for the widget. It can be set to a a URL name, in which case it will be reversed when the attribute is accessed. .. py:attribute:: forward List of field names to forward to the autocomplete view, useful to filter results using values of other fields in the form. """ def __init__(self, url=None, forward=None, *args, **kwargs): """Instanciate a widget with a URL and a list of fields to forward.""" self.url = url self.forward = forward or [] super(WidgetMixin, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] def build_attrs(self, *args, **kwargs): """Build HTML attributes for the widget.""" attrs = super(WidgetMixin, self).build_attrs(*args, **kwargs) if self.url is not None: attrs['data-autocomplete-light-url'] = self.url autocomplete_function = getattr(self, 'autocomplete_function', None) if autocomplete_function: attrs.setdefault('data-autocomplete-light-function', autocomplete_function) if self.forward: attrs.setdefault('data-autocomplete-light-forward', ','.join(self.forward)) return attrs
[docs] def filter_choices_to_render(self, selected_choices): """Replace self.choices with selected_choices.""" self.choices = [c for c in self.choices if six.text_type(c[0]) in selected_choices]
[docs] def render_options(self, *args): """ Django-compatibility method for option rendering. Should only render selected options, by setting self.choices before calling the parent method. """ selected_choices_arg = 1 if VERSION < (1, 10) else 0 # Filter out None values, not needed for autocomplete selected_choices = [c for c in args[selected_choices_arg] if c] if self.url: all_choices = copy.copy(self.choices) self.filter_choices_to_render(selected_choices) html = super(WidgetMixin, self).render_options(*args) if self.url: self.choices = all_choices return html
def _get_url(self): if self._url is None: return None if '/' in self._url: return self._url return reverse(self._url) def _set_url(self, url): self._url = url url = property(_get_url, _set_url)
[docs]class Select(WidgetMixin, forms.Select): """Replacement for Django's Select to render only selected choices."""
[docs]class SelectMultiple(WidgetMixin, forms.SelectMultiple): """Replacement SelectMultiple to render only selected choices."""
[docs]class QuerySetSelectMixin(WidgetMixin): """QuerySet support for choices."""
[docs] def filter_choices_to_render(self, selected_choices): """Filter out un-selected choices if choices is a QuerySet.""" self.choices.queryset = self.choices.queryset.filter( pk__in=[c for c in selected_choices if c] )