test_project: basic features and examples

Virtualenv is a great solution to isolate python environments. If necessary, you can install it from your package manager or the python package manager, ie.:

sudo easy_install virtualenv

Install last release

Install packages from PyPi and the test project from Github:

rm -rf django-autocomplete-light autocomplete_light_env/

virtualenv autocomplete_light_env
source autocomplete_light_env/bin/activate
git clone https://jpic@github.com/yourlabs/django-autocomplete-light.git
cd django-autocomplete-light/test_project
pip install -r requirements.txt
./manage.py runserver

Or install the development version

Install directly from github:


rm -rf autocomplete_light_env/

virtualenv autocomplete_light_env
source autocomplete_light_env/bin/activate
pip install -e git+git://github.com/yourlabs/django-cities-light.git@$CITIES_LIGHT_VERSION#egg=cities_light
pip install -e git+git://github.com/yourlabs/django-autocomplete-light.git@$AUTOCOMPLETE_LIGHT_VERSION#egg=autocomplete_light
cd autocomplete_light_env/src/autocomplete-light/test_project
pip install -r requirements.txt
./manage.py runserver


  • Run the server,
  • Connect to /admin/, ie. http://localhost:8000/admin/,
  • Login with user “test” and password “test”,
  • Try the many example applications,


A working SQLite database is shipped, but you can make your own ie.:

cd test_project
rm -rf db.sqlite
./manage.py syncdb --noinput
./manage.py migrate
./manage.py cities_light

Note that test_project/project_specific/models.py filters cities from certain countries.

test_remote_project: advanced features and examples

The autocomplete can suggest results from a remote API - objects that do not exist in the local database.

This project demonstrates how test_remote_project can provide autocomplete suggestions using the database from test_project.


In one console:

cd test_project
./manage.py runserver

In another:

cd test_remote_project
./manage.py runserver

Now, note that there are no or few countries in test_api_project database.

Then, connect to http://localhost:8001/admin/remote_autocomplete/address/add/ and the city autocomplete should propose cities from both projects.

If you’re not going to use localhost:8000 for test_project, then you should update source urls in test_remote_project/remote_autocomplete/autocomplete_light_registry.py.