Why not use Widget.Media ?

In the early versions (0.1) of django-autocomplete-light, we had widgets defining the Media class like this:

class AutocompleteWidget(forms.SelectMultiple):
    class Media:
        js = ('autocomplete_light/autocomplete.js',)

This caused a problem if you want to load jquery and autocomplete.js globally anyway and anywhere in the admin to have a global navigation autocomplete: it would double load the scripts.

Also, this didn’t work well with django-compressor and other cool ways of deploying the JS.

So, in the next version, I added a dependency management system. Which sucked and was removed right away to finally keep it simple and stupid as we have it today.

How to ask for help ?

The best way to ask for help is:

  • fork the repo,
  • add a simple way to reproduce your problem in a new app of test_project, try to keep it minimal,
  • open an issue on github and mention your fork.

Really, it takes quite some time for me to clean pasted code and put up an example app it would be really cool if you could help me with that !

If you don’t want to do the fork and the reproduce case, then you should better ask on StackOverflow and you might be lucky (just tag your question with django-autocomplete-light to ensure that I find it).