Source code for dal_queryset_sequence.views

"""View that supports QuerySetSequence."""

from dal.views import BaseQuerySetView

from django.contrib.contenttypes.models import ContentType

from queryset_sequence import QuerySetSequence

[docs]class BaseQuerySetSequenceView(BaseQuerySetView): """ Base view that uses a QuerySetSequence. Compatible with form fields which use a ContentType id as well as a model pk to identify a value. .. py:attribute:: mixup Cause the autocomplete to show a few results of each querysets. """ mixup = True paginate_by = 10
[docs] def get_paginate_by(self, queryset): """Don't paginate if :py:attr:`mixup`.""" return self.paginate_by if not self.mixup else None
[docs] def has_more(self, context): """Return False if :py:attr:`mixup`.""" if self.mixup: return False return super(BaseQuerySetSequenceView, self).has_more(context)
[docs] def mixup_querysets(self, qs): """Return a queryset with different model types.""" querysets = list(qs.get_querysets()) queryset_count = len(querysets) if queryset_count: limit = int(self.paginate_by / queryset_count) qs = QuerySetSequence(*[q[:limit] for q in querysets]) return qs
[docs] def get_queryset(self): """Mix results from all querysets in QuerySetSequence if self.mixup.""" qs = super(BaseQuerySetSequenceView, self).get_queryset() if self.mixup: qs = self.mixup_querysets(qs) return qs
[docs] def get_result_value(self, result): """Return ctypeid-objectid for result.""" return '%s-%s' % (ContentType.objects.get_for_model(result).pk,
[docs] def get_model_name(self, model): """Return the name of the model, fetch parent if model is a proxy.""" if model._meta.proxy: try: model = list(model._meta.parents.keys())[0] except IndexError: pass return model._meta.verbose_name
[docs] def lookup_needs_distinct(self, queryset, orm_lookups): """Return True if a orm_lookups requires calling qs.distinct().""" for qs in queryset._querysets: if super().lookup_needs_distinct(qs, orm_lookups): return True