In your project#

Install version 3 with pip install:

pip install django-autocomplete-light

Or, install the dev version with git:

pip install -e git+


If you are trying to install from git, please make sure you are not using zip/archive url of the repo django-autocomplete-light since it will not contain required submodules automatically. Otherwise these submodules will then need to be updated separately using git submodule update --init.


Then, to let Django find the static files we need by adding to INSTALLED_APPS, before django.contrib.admin and grappelli if present:

# 'grappelli',

This is to override the jquery.init.js script provided by the admin, which sets up jQuery with noConflict, making jQuery available in django.jQuery only and not $.

To enable more DAL functionalities we will have to add other DAL apps to INSTALLED_APPS, such as ‘dal_queryset_sequence’ …

Django versions earlier than 2.0#

You will need to add dal_legacy_static to your INSTALLED_APPS settings. This adds in select2 static files that are included with Django 2.x but missing in earlier versions.

JQuery 3.x#

JQuery 3.x comes with a “slim” version. This “slim” version is not compatible with DAL since the slim version does not contain Ajax functionality.

Install the demo project#

Install the demo project in a temporary virtualenv for testing purpose:

cd /tmp
virtualenv -p python3 dal_env
source dal_env/bin/activate
pip install django
pip install -e git+
cd dal_env/src/django-autocomplete-light/test_project/
pip install -r requirements.txt
./ migrate
./ createsuperuser
./ runserver
# go to http://localhost:8000/admin/ and login