Welcome to django-autocomplete-light’s documentation!#

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  • Django 4.2 support starting DAL 3.10, support for earlier Django versions in DAL < 3.10

  • Django (multiple) choice support,

  • Django (multiple) model choice support,

  • Django generic foreign key support (through django-querysetsequence),

  • Django generic many to many relation support (through django-generic-m2m and django-gm2m)

  • Multiple widget support: select2.js, easy to add more.

  • Creating choices that don’t exist in the autocomplete,

  • Offering choices that depend on other fields in the form, in an elegant and innovative way,

  • Dynamic widget creation (ie. inlines), supports YOUR custom scripts too,

  • Provides a test API for your awesome autocompletes, to support YOUR custom use cases too,

  • A documented automatically tested example for each use case in test_project.



External app support#


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