Source code for dal_select2.fields

"""Select2 field implementation module."""

from django.forms import ChoiceField

[docs]class ChoiceCallable: """Choices wrapper that supports callable choices.""" def __init__(self, choices): """Instanciate with a callable or iterable choices.""" self.choices = choices def __call__(self): """Call the callable if necessary and return choices.""" result = [] choices = self.choices() if callable(self.choices) else self.choices for choice in choices or []: if isinstance(choice, (list, tuple)): result.append(choice) else: result.append((choice, choice)) return result
[docs]class Select2ListChoiceField(ChoiceField): """Allows a list of values to be used with a ChoiceField. Avoids unusual things that can happen if Select2ListView is used for a form where the text and value for choices are not the same. """ def __init__(self, choice_list=None, required=True, widget=None, label=None, initial=None, help_text='', *args, **kwargs): """Use a list to generate choices in a ChoiceField. .. py:param choice_list: The list to use to generate choices or a function that returns a list. """ choices = ChoiceCallable(choice_list) super(Select2ListChoiceField, self).__init__( choices=choices, required=required, widget=widget, label=label, initial=initial, help_text=help_text, *args, **kwargs )
[docs]class Select2ListCreateChoiceField(Select2ListChoiceField): """Skips validation of choices so any value can be used."""
[docs] def validate(self, value): """Do not validate choices but check for empty.""" super(ChoiceField, self).validate(value)