Source code for dal_select2_queryset_sequence.views

"""View for a Select2 widget and QuerySetSequence-based business logic."""
from collections import OrderedDict
from functools import reduce

from dal_queryset_sequence.views import BaseQuerySetSequenceView

from dal_select2.views import Select2ViewMixin

from django.db.models import Q
from django.template.defaultfilters import capfirst

from queryset_sequence import QuerySetSequence

import six

[docs]class Select2QuerySetSequenceView(BaseQuerySetSequenceView, Select2ViewMixin): """ Combines support QuerySetSequence and Select2 in a single view. Example usage:: url( '^your-generic-autocomplete/$', autocomplete.Select2QuerySetSequenceView.as_view( queryset=autocomplete.QuerySetSequence( Group.objects.all(), TestModel.objects.all(), ) ), name='your-generic-autocomplete', ) It is compatible with the :py:mod:`~dal_select2_queryset_sequence.widgets` and the fields of :py:mod:`~dal_contenttypes.fields`, suits generic relation autocompletes. """
[docs] def get_results(self, context): """ Return a list of results usable by Select2. It will render as a list of one <optgroup> per different content type containing a list of one <option> per model. """ groups = OrderedDict() for result in context['object_list']: groups.setdefault(type(result), []) groups[type(result)].append(result) return [{ 'id': None, 'text': capfirst(self.get_model_name(model)), 'children': [{ 'id': self.get_result_value(result), 'text': six.text_type(result), } for result in results] } for model, results in groups.items()]
[docs]class Select2QuerySetSequenceAutoView(Select2QuerySetSequenceView): """ Select2QuerySetSequenceAutoView class. Filter the queryset based on the models and filter attributes of the GenericForeignKeyModelField self.model_choice is generated from the Select2GenericForeignKeyModelField, see it's docstring """
[docs] def get_queryset(self): """Return queryset.""" queryset_models = [] for model_args in self.model_choice: model = model_args[0] filter_value = model_args[1] kwargs_model = { '{}__icontains'.format(filter_value): self.q if self.q else '' } forward_filtered = [Q(**kwargs_model)] try: forward_fields = model_args[2] for forward in forward_fields: field_key = '{}__icontains'.format(forward[1]) field_value = self.forwarded[forward[0]] forward_filtered.append(Q(**{field_key: field_value})) except IndexError: # if no list on the 3rd index of self.model_choice # (reserved for forwarding fields) pass # link the different field by an & query and_forward_filtered = reduce(lambda x, y: x & y, forward_filtered) queryset_models.append(model.objects.filter(and_forward_filtered)) # Aggregate querysets qs = QuerySetSequence(*queryset_models) # This will limit each queryset so that they show an equal number # of results. qs = self.mixup_querysets(qs) return qs