Source code for dal_select2.test

"""Helpers for DAL user story based tests."""

import time

[docs]class Select2Story(object): """Define Select2 CSS selectors.""" clear_selector = '.select2-selection__clear' container_selector = '.select2-container' dropdown_selector = '.select2-dropdown' input_selector = '.select2-search__field' label_selector = '.select2-selection__rendered' labels_selector = \ '.select2-selection__rendered .select2-selection__choice' option_selector = '.select2-results__option[aria-selected]' widget_selector = '.select2-selection'
[docs] def wait_script(self): """Wait for scripts to be loaded and ready to work.""" tries = 100 while tries: try: return self.browser.evaluate_script('yl.registerFunction') except: time.sleep(.15) tries -= 1 raise Exception('$.select2 was not defined after 15 seconds.')
[docs] def clean_label(self, label): """Remove the "remove" character used in select2.""" return label.replace('\xd7', '')