Source code for dal_select2_queryset_sequence.fields

"""Autocomplete fields for Select2GenericForeignKey choices."""

from dal_queryset_sequence.fields import QuerySetSequenceModelField

from dal_select2_queryset_sequence.views import Select2QuerySetSequenceAutoView
from dal_select2_queryset_sequence.widgets import QuerySetSequenceSelect2

from django.urls import re_path as url

from queryset_sequence import QuerySetSequence

[docs]class Select2GenericForeignKeyModelField(QuerySetSequenceModelField): """ Select2GenericForeignKeyModelField class. Field that generate automatically the view for the QuerySetSequenceSelect2 widget """ def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): """ Initialize Select2GenericForeignKeyModelField. :param args: :param model_choice: [(Model, 'filter_by', [('forwardfield_name', 'filter_by')]), ], List of tuples, for each select2 widget. Model is the model to query, 'filter_by' the attribute of the model to apply the filter. The list in the tuple is optional, its to forward a field from the form to the widget. :param field_id: Optional name instead of the automatic one :param kwargs: """ model_choice = kwargs.pop('model_choice', None) field_id = kwargs.pop('field_id', None) self.field_id = field_id if field_id else id(self) if model_choice: self.model_choice = model_choice models_queryset = [model[0].objects.all() for model in model_choice] kwargs['queryset'] = QuerySetSequence(*models_queryset) super(Select2GenericForeignKeyModelField, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] def as_url(self, form): """Return url.""" url_name = '{}_autocomp_{}'.format(form.__name__, self.field_id) forward_fields = { forward_tuple[0] for field in self.model_choice if len(field) > 2 for forward_tuple in field[2] } # a set of the fields to forward. # it checks if the 3rd index of the list exists self.widget = QuerySetSequenceSelect2( url=url_name, forward=forward_fields ) # generate the class to work with multiple gfk # (can't work on instance level) auto_view = type( 'Autoview{}{}'.format(form.__name__, self.field_id), (Select2QuerySetSequenceAutoView,), {'model_choice': self.model_choice} ) # send to the view the model and filter list return url( r'^{}_{}_autocomp$'.format(form.__name__, self.field_id), auto_view.as_view(), name=url_name )